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Sam Rainsy’s message to civil servants, policemen and soldiers

February 12, 2013


Please look at the photo below (taken from The Cambodia Daily, 11 February 2013).

As a Khmer citizen I feel ashamed that Khmer civil servants, policemen and soldiers have to beg money from shady tycoons in order to survive. I do not blame you. I blame the Hun Sen government who does not treat you with the respect you deserve. This corrupt government sells our country and our lands to private companies led by business crooks who plunder our national riches and exploit our people.

The future government led by KANAPAK SANGRUOS CHEAT will restore and guarantee your dignity. It will stop predatory corruption, which will allow it to raise the salary for civil servants, policemen and soldiers to a minimum of 1 million riels (250 US dollars) per month. It will also improve the education system for your children and medical care for your families.

Sam Rainsy

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