Thursday 21 June 2012

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June 21, 2012


The following is further evidence of organized electoral fraud in this
month’s communal elections based on the well-planned issuing of
illegal voter identification documents (“Statements of Identity”
previously known as “Forms 1018″) to inflate votes for the ruling
Cambodian People’s Party (CPP).

The evidence was collected by Mr. Lak Kien, an opposition Sam Rainsy
Party (SRP) local leader who, on voting day, June 3, was still the
elected chief of Bet Trang commune in Preah Sihanouk province. This
meant he was in a position to conduct a serious investigation into the

By clicking you will see documents showing
that illegal “Statements of Identity” were secretly and fraudulently
issued by CPP officials in Bet Trang commune on the day of the vote.

More precisely there are the references of eleven official booklets,
each of them containing fifty “Statements of Identity” with their
serial numbers. These “Statements of Identity” were to be issued by
Bet Trang commune authorities BEFORE voting day to voters residing in
the commune who don’t have the standardized National Identity Card.

But illegally produced “Statements of Identity” have been discovered
whose serial numbers DO NOT MATCH their supposed serial numbers as
printed on the document stubs in the above-mentioned 11 official
booklets. Some of these fraudulent “Statements of Identity” were
seized by Mr. Lak Kien on voting day, just minutes or hours after
being illegally and surreptitiously issued by CPP officials.

This is not an isolated case. It is part of a pattern of secret,
illegal and nationwide fraud under which the CPP issues “Statements of
Identity” to manufacture votes for itself.

Combined with other irregularities related to voter disenfranchisement
and impersonation, the fraud has led to the distortion of the will of
the people. Please find details at

In their report on the last national elections in 2008, a team of
observers from the European Union made the “key recommendation” that
“the use of the Form 1018 should be abolished prior to any future

Please read the rationale behind this recommendation at (E.U. Election Observation Mission) and
further evidence of systematic fraud at
(The Cambodia Daily).

No reform has been implemented, no lesson learnt since the 2008
national elections which, according to the E.U. observers, “fell short
of a number of key international standards for democratic elections. ”


Sam Rainsy
Elected Member of Parliament
Opposition leader

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