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Sam Rainsy in Tunisia to prepare People Power in Cambodia

21 July 2011


Opposition leader Sam Rainsy arrived today in Tunis, the capital city
of Tunisia, in North Africa, for a three-day visit during which he
will meet with local and international activists from various
political and social backgrounds who have successfully fought for a
regime change in this country through an unprecedented popular
uprising that triggered the Arab Spring or Jasmine Revolution seven
months ago.

The ongoing peaceful transition towards freedom and democracy in
Tunisia is an inspiration for the whole world, especially countries
under dictatorship such as Cambodia that is awaiting a Lotus
Revolution with the same historical results.

In his address at a Congress of Liberal International on 19 June 2011
in Manila, The Philippines, Sam Rainsy was quoted as saying, “The
worst regimes in terms of crimes and impunity are those whose
autocratic leaders have been in power for the longest period of time,”
and he then reportedly called for the formation of a “Peoples’
alliance for the removal of multi-decade dictators.” He associated
Cambodia’s Hun Sen (32 years in power) with Tunisia’s Ben Ali (removed
after 24 years in power), Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak (removed after 30
years in power), Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi (to be removed after 42 years
in power), Yemen’s Ali Abdullah Saleh (to be removed after 33 years in
power) and Syria’s Bashar al-Assad (to be removed after 40 years of
dictatorship including his father Hafez al-Assad’s 29-year reign).

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