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Open letter of Sam Rainsy Party senator

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Open letter of Sam Rainsy Party senator

Sam Rainsy Party senator, Acting President of Sam Rainsy Party, Kong Korm, who was former central committee member of Cambodian People Party and former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the State of Cambodia pre-1993, would like to confirm to national and international public opinion that the currently ruling Cambodian People Party is the political party belonging to Vietnam, by Vietnam, for Vietnam since 1951 and continues to obey openly Ho Chiminh as an official great leader post-7 January 1979 .

That is why within 60 years (1951-2011) or  32 years (1979-2011) up to now, the communist Vietnam and its instrument Khmer Revolutionary People Party have disturbed and destroyed Cambodian neutrality of Samdech Norodom Sihanouk and taken victory over Khmer Republic of Lonol and finally send aggressive, occupied, dominated army to overrun Cambodia and installed Cambodian People Party power of 7 January, which is unconditional honest about Cambodia-Vietnam friendship and permanent cooperation following the unlimited ambitions and interest of Vietnam.

Nowadays, the over three decades never changing composition of Cambodian People Party government has almost all received the training from Vietnam for the conditions of the party member «Drink water should miss the source, take shelter should miss the planter» being Vietnam and Ho Chiminh that gave second birth and help to revive as at present.

The Paris agreement, with several signatory countries, guaranteed independence, integrity, sovereignty, human rights respect and guaranteed the existent conditions of pluralism, liberal, democratic regime for rehabilitation and reconstruction of Cambodia with huge and continual aid.

Cambodian People Party which killed deliberately the consciousness of Paris agreement has continued to re-implement the resolution of the 9th Cambodian People Party plenum of 9 September 1989 for total and final success to revolutionaries or for not allowing power of 7 January be successively, decisively reversible.

In conclusion, successively Cambodian People Party negotiated in order to destroy the negotiation, agreed in order to destroy the agreement, elected in order to destroy the election, reunited in order to destroy the reuniting, as the way to maintain persistently, firmly the power of 7 January.

In 1997, March military measure was used on Khmer Nation Party (Sam Rainsy) following a 4 grenades attack aiming to kill opposition Sam Rainsy Party leader causing peaceful and legal demonstrators about 20 dead and about 200 injured. In July second Prime Minister staged a military coup seizing power from First Prime Minister in arresting and killing cruelly out judicial system many army officers close to First Prime Minister.

Served properly and irrevocably «not losing power» CPP-dominated National Assembly which turned to make law and to use the court to lift parliamentary immunity from opposition MPs and to restrict freedom of expression of the people for another new stage.

Opposition political party and civil society groups are the wanted restriction, U.N institutions in Cambodia are the targets of withdrawal and shutdown. The scope and jurisdiction of KRT have been borne seriously by the political pressure of a number ruling leaders’ position, whose names are involved in the investigation dossiers as stated and informed the U.N secretary General that satisfying the failure justice than the accused powerful leaders and the possible author of new war are guilty.

Expected conscientious attorney general, inquiry judge and international officials of the KRT send strong message to the international criminal court as possible done.

The very long time ruling CPP and the strong powerful Prime Minister Hun Sen who, don’t rely on perfect reason but depend on Vietnamese Prime Minister displeasure, has taken one’s mind and sought plan «not only to weaken SRP but to kill it definitively» for the gloomy ambitions and acts belonging to Vietnam, by Vietnam and for Vietnam have no longer obstacle forever.

As good fate of Cambodia and Cambodian people the international circle, primarily E.U. parliament, Inter-Parliament Union, International criminal court in particular the widespread Cambodian people have vowed decisively to help SRP and president Sam Rainsy that are political forces belonging to Khmer, by Khmer for Khmer to achieve the change in Cambodia and to serve Cambodian people to have promptly and genuinely all kind of better condition more than the present one.

SRP uses law and international competences to solve peacefully problems of border with neighboring countries, to solve land conflicts in keeping mainly interests of the people, uses international aid and struggles effectively against corruptions.

SRP has will and ability to carry out good governance in particular plan of agriculture, health care and good employment that every Cambodian people, women, men, old, young aspire them.

May the loving peace, democracy, justice forces reunite courageously and decisively in the historical sacrifices for the change of Cambodia in Khmer nation fate in the future.


For 60 Anniversary Day of VN-CPP

Phnom Penh, June 28, 2011


Kong Korm


Acting President of Sam Rainsy Party

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