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A peaceful way to put an end to the despised Hun Sen regime

26 May 2011


Following my recent judicial victory over former Khmer Rouge prison director and current foreign minister Hor Nam Hong before the French court, I decide to initiate, reactivate or accelerate new and ongoing criminal lawsuits in democratic countries with independent courts against Cambodia’s current prime minister Hun Sen.

Hun Sen (real name Hun Nal) was a former Khmer Rouge army commander in the Eastern region who served the Pol Pot regime from April 1975 to July 1977 before fleeing to Vietnam. Moreover, as a top-ranking official of the Vietnamese-installed communist regime since 1979 and prime minister since 1985, he is responsible for many most serious crimes including war crimes and crimes against humanity. Hun Sen’s hands are covered with blood following

-          The implementation of the deadly K 5 Plan from 1982 to 1988

-          The 30 March 1997 grenade attack in Phnom Penh

-          The massacre of over a hundred of Funcinpec army officers taken prisoners in the wake of the 5-6 July 1997 military coup

-          The murder of dozens of innocent citizens including Buddhist monks peacefully protesting against election irregularities in Phnom Penh in August-September 1998

-          The assassination, with his complicity, of his mistress Piseth Pilika by his wife Bun Rany (real name Sam Bun Heang) in 1999.

The above crimes have been documented by independent historians and researchers and respectable institutions such as the United Nations Human Rights Office in Cambodia.

From France and other democratic countries, on several occasions, in public speeches and in numerous writings, I have accused both Hun Sen and Hor Nam Hong of their well-known crimes. Only Hor Nam Hong dared to file a defamation lawsuit against me and he finally and definitively lost. Hun Sen is much more cowardly than Hor Nam Hong because his crimes are more serious and more easily exposed.

This explains why Hun Sen is so apprehensive of any progress in the work of the Khmer Rouge Tribunal in Phnom Penh, which he wants to block at Case 02. Beyond that, his crimes and those of his most prominent colleagues in the ruling CPP would likely be fully exposed.

I sincerely believe that suing Hun Sen with the assistance of competent lawyers in independent courts, including the ICC, for war crimes, crimes against humanity and other most heinous crimes he has committed, would decisively help put an end to a despised regime which, like Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s, is killing its own people with systemic corruption, land grabbing and ever increasing human rights abuses.

Sam Rainsy
Elected Member of Parliament

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